How to Recover Forgotten Excel Password (2007/2010/2013/2016)


If you are dealing with a lot of data every day, then you must know what a great importance it holds to you to sort out all those data. On such occasion, MS excel is one of the most helpful aid in managing the piles of data collected. Whether it is work sheet, pie chart, arithmetic operations on information, sorting of data, MS excel is all in one platform to carry out all such things.

Now owing to the importance and worth of Excel files, it often needs to be protected from unknown intrusions and eavesdropping. But many a times you yourself has to deal with many password protected excel files, which is a kind of trouble in real.  Here we are going to demonstrate two effective methods which will definitely assist you in recovering your password protected excel in no time, but you need to learn how Excel encrypts first.

Learn How Office Encrypts Excel Document

Microsoft Office Excel implements the latest RC4 encryption algorithm to protect the documents. This method is carried on from Office 97 to latest 2017. It is often called ARC4 and ARCFOUR algorithm these days which crucially used by the software stream cipher and is utilized in famous protocols like SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) often showed in World Wide Web to protect the internet audience and securing the wireless network. 

There are many services and tools available on the internet that helps to recover Excel password but they could even take weeks even months to crack the password. All depends on the strength of the password used. If you have used special symbols and characters like ##&^*& then it can even take longer period of time.


Method #1: Remove Password by Changing File Extension

This method is a bit twisted one, but ensures genuine output without a doubt. Here the excel file extension is first manipulated which makes the file contents unprotected giving you the scope of accessing it. In order to know it completely, read the following steps below:

Step 1. First of all open the password protected excel file which obviously denies to be opened, and it would somewhat look like this:Remove Excel Password

Step 2. So now move ahead to your system “Control Panel” and follow the pathway as follows:

Folder Options > View Tab

recover excel password now

Step 3. Go to the “View” tab and uncheck the “Hide Extension for known file types” check box.

excel password recovery steps

Step 4. Next you have got to change the file extension from .xlsx to .zip.

remove_excel_sheet_passwordStep 5. Now this is the main step in this guideline where you have to open the excel file in a notepad, and eradicate the following tagline in it:

2007-10 – “sheetProtection password=… />”| v. 2013 – “sheetProtection algorithmName=…/>”

Step 6. Save the XML file and put it back into the zip folder. It will directly replace the original XML file.

Step 7. After you have completed all these steps successfully, change the file extension back to .xlsx.

And there you as it is all done. Now if you attempt this time to open up your excel file, there will be no password prompting any longer signifying that the protection has been bypassed completely.


  • It is undoubtedly a complicated procedure for the beginners.
  • The method takes a lot of your valuable time than what is expected.
  • If you delete mistakenly the wrong piece of tagline from the XML file, it might cause a serious damage to your file content.

Method #2: Recover Excel Password with Password Recovery

If the above method seems to fail and disappoint you to open excel file password due to its strength and longevity then it would be a great idea to try out some professional Excel Password recovery that guarantees to recover Excel password within seconds from your PC.  Password Recovery Bundle is such an ecstatically wonderful Excel password recovery tool available on the internet. No matter what type of file format you are dealing with, be it ZIP, PDF, WinRAR, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. It is capable enough to unlock any of them.

Key Features:

  • It can all types of files, namely, PDF, Excel, Word, Outlook, ZIP, WinRAR, etc.
  • It is 86 % proficient in recovering your file password.
  • No data is damaged or altered during the process of password recovery.
  • It usually uses three major type of attacks- Brute Force Attack; Dictionary Attack; Brute Force with Mask Attack.
  • Multi core CPU and GPU are also supported by this tool.

Steps: How to Recover Forgotten Excel Password

Step 1. Here the first approach is to download and install the software on the computer which comprises the password protected excel file.

Step 2. Open up the program, and click on the option “Recover Passwords for files and Archives” off the main tool screen.

password recovery bundle for excel

Step 3. From the next page that follows, click on “Open” button to browse and load the target file from the directory to the tool’s screen.

recover excel password

Step 4. Once the target file is loaded onto the screen, choose your attack type. Brute force attack is generally recommended, but you can choose according to your password status as well.

choose type attack

Step 5. Fill up all the details within the Brute Force attack section and click “Start” button to begin the process of password recovery.  The searching time will take minutes, hours or days based on the password complexity, length of the password you recover. Please wait patiently ! You can let the program searching the password alone, when it finds the password, it will show  it in a box.

remove password from Excel

When the process is finished, you will have the final page before, which prompts you either to copy the cracked password or to directly open the file.


Both the methods discussed above are equally efficient in pull off the task, but when it comes the authenticity and the assurance of your attempt, then Password Recovery Bundle is the only beacon of light in case of emergency. No matter how complicated your password is, once it is fed to Password Recovery Bundle, you don’t need to worry as it will take care of it in its due time.


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