iTunes has been a big part of Apple’s ecosystem since day one, serving as a reliable data management software. However, iTunes is not just about storing your data as it also lets you create a backup of your iPhone and iPad. In reality, if you now have an iTunes backup, then you can easily restore your device from that backup in case of file corruption or crashes.

One of the best things when it comes to iTunes backup is that you can add a password-protection to it, thus protecting your data from the prying eyes. So, what if you forget your iTunes backup password? It is a big problem as you can not restore your iPhone from encrypted backup. With that in mind, we are here to help.

First, what is iTunes Encryption Password?

iTunes Encryption is a crucial part of the iTunes backup process. Once you checked the box next to Encrypt iPhone Backup, your iTunes backup will be locked behind a passcode, thus protecting your precious data from hackers and malware attacks. That means you are going to need to enter the passcode for your backup when you restore your iPhone from that iTunes backup. However, if the password is lost, then you have to use iTunes backup password recovery tool to find the correct password.

Method 1: Recover iTunes Backup Password from Keychain on Mac

Forgetting iTunes backup password is a big deal, but there are several workarounds for getting it fixed. One of the easiest ways to recover your password is using Keychain. For some background, Keychain is the gathering place of all of your login information, ranging account names to passwords for apps and services you visit on your Mac.

With Keychain, all of your passwords are highly secured on your device or in the cloud, so if you ever forgot your iTunes backup password, you can use Keychain to recover it.

Step 1: Open Keychain Access on your Mac (you can use Spotlight Search to look for Keychain Access).

Step 2: Provide your macOS account credentials if asked and then click Allow to proceed.

Step 3: From here, you should see a list of login information for services and apps on your Mac. Now, just simply enter iPhone backup into the input field at the top right corner and double-click the result.

iPhone Backup Password in Keychain

Step 4: Now check the box next to Show Password from the iPhone Backup window.

Find iTunes Backup Password from Keychain

Method 2: iSeePassword iTunes Backup Recovery

If you are looking for a reliable third-party tool to recover your iTunes backup password, then iSeePassword iTunes Backup Recovery is here to help. This is one of the most used password recovery tools for Windows account, Excel, and iTunes.

What sets iSeePassword apart from its competitors out there is that it uses an advanced NVIDIA-GPU algorithm to crack your passwords, which not only recovers your password but also boosts the decryption process. The best part is that you can pause the process and get back later.

Step 1: First off, download and install the tool from here, and then run it on your computer.

Step 2: The tool will detect and load your backup files stored on your computer. If they don’t show up, hit the Import button and select the backup file.

Step 3: If you are trying to recover a long password, you will be asked to register. From here, enter your email and confirm your email. Once you are done, select the attack type and hit the Next button.

Step 4: Now, simply hit the Start button to start the decryption process (it may take several minutes depending on the attack type you select).


Method 3: Recover Forgotten iTunes Backup Password with KeyGenius

iMyFone KeyGenius is a powerful and effective recovery software on the market. What’s best about KeyGenius lies in the ability to crack your iTunes backup password in all scenarios. All is made possible by its advanced algorithms with three attack types. Another great thing about iMyFone KeyGenius is its decryption speed. Indeed, it can crack your iTunes password in less than 5 seconds, which is pretty impressive.

However, the tool has its drawbacks too. One such drawback is that some premium features are locked behind the paid version. Plus, the free version cannot crack an iTunes backup with a long password, as you need to upgrade your plan.

Method 4: Restore Forgotten iTunes Backup Password from LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is one of best password manager apps out there. With LastPass, all of your login details are highly secured in a vault which is password-protected and accessible to you only. The coolest part is that the app now supports hardware authentication with YubiKey.

For some background, Yubikey is two-factor authentication that’s built into LastPass Vault. It supports a number of security standards that protect your backups from hackers and malware, like OTP, SmartCard, U2F, or FIDO.

LastPass is now available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers some cool security features, including the ability to sync your login details across your web browsers. However, one major drawback of LastPass lies in its performance, as it sometimes stops working or includes some bugs and errors.

In short, LastPass is not an iTunes backup password recovery tool, but it serves as a reliable storage service for your backup passwords. It’s a solid choice for those who want to store their passwords in a safe place.

At the End

Recovering an iTunes backup password is now much easier than before thanks to a handful of tools and software. If you are in the market for trusted password recovery for your iTunes backups, then you have come to the right place.


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