The topic that are going to discuss here and now is all about burning ISO images to disks, but before we head on with it, you need to be familiar with few terms for a better understanding. ISO image files are archive files comprising compressed data in the form of an image. These image files usually contain large sized installation files, software, games, etc and cannot be accessed or shared on internet otherwise. Now when your computer or laptop is damaged due to external reasons, you need to reinstall it, and so you require the OS setup files. The files are generally available in the ISO format, so you need to create a bootable disk with the ISO format to carry out the necessary reinstallation. But creating bootable drive with ISO is not as easy as it sounds to be. You have to burn the image to the disk to make it bootable, and not just the conventional copy and paste trick. It would not work here.

So now for burning ISO file to USB, you need the help of certain utilities and that is what we are going to tell you about. 

#1: Burn ISO File to USB Drive with RMPrepUSB Tool

RMPrepUSB is a fantastic ISO burning tool freely available on the internet if you know how to use it. It can be used with both CD/DVD/USB. The most interesting fact about this tool is that you don’t need to install it after its download, strange right? To know more on this tool, keep reading the manual given below to get the full idea about it:


Step 1. First of all download the tool and then trace the main downloaded file in the directory. Double click the file and it will start running without any actual need of installation hazard.

Step 2. Plug in your device and wait for a moment until your device is recognized by the software.

Step 3. Select your device and keep the “Bootloader” area untouched.

Step 4. Click the “Prepare Drive” button at the bottom and the burning process will be initiated.

All is set, and everything is done. But still you would be lagged behind when you will come to know that the tool RMPrepUSB might not budge to function with every OS as it is very old and outdated. So if your system is aligned with older OS the requirements will be less, only then the tool can work only in that environment and not otherwise.

So if you don’t find the tool most suitable and you want to run a tool on your latest Windows system install with Windows 8 or 10 version, then you better consent to another tool option.


#2: Burn ISO Image to USB Drive with WizISO

WizISO is perfectly suitable to every requirement a user can ever have to handle an ISO image. It is a very rational and well built program to catch up with every preliminary demand, like adding an item, deleting, creating ISO, extracting ISO file, mounting, extracting files from ISO, renaming ISO, etc. It can even change file format between several other formats. But most it is famous for ISO image file dealings.  The writing speed is very faster then other ISO burner tool, it supports burning UEFI ISO into  your USB without getting any errors when loading.

The utility is fully congruous with all OS versions Windows offers. So there will be no cross compatibility issue like the last tool mentioned above. The only requirement it needs is at least 512 MB of internal storage on your computer or laptop to get a smoother running and minimum of 1.0 GHz CPU configuration. If this much you can provide, it can run and create bootable disk with CD/DVD/USB all.

The Steps to Burn ISO Image  to USB with WizISO?

Step 1. After it’s downloaded, install it with on-screen step instructions to avoid any technical glitches afterwards. You can see there are 5 feature it provides: Burn, Extract, Create, Edit and Copy Disc.

So now choose the Burn option and insert your USB disk beforehand.

ISO Editor

Step 2. No sooner than your USB drive is recognized on the tool’s screen, click on “Burn” option either from the toolbar. Now, you need to first import your ISO files by clicking ‘Browse‘.  Then choose MBR or UEFI boot based on your ISO type.

choose ISO burner

Step 4. After all settings are complete, click the ‘Burn button to start to burn ISO image to USB flash drive. A burning process will be running and you can  pause the burning process momentarily if you wish.

burn iso to usb

After the burning process is complete,  a window will pop up showing Burning Successfully! Then open the USB drive to check the written content, you will see there are many files written in the USB.  Then eject your created USB disk from computer.

If you use WizISO for once you will definitely forget every other tools to support your purpose, but if you are in a hurry and with lesser system requirements, you can try out RMPrepUSB or other free tools as well. But for the record, smart output can only be had with WizISO . So choose wisely before you act. Create a backup of the disk contents prior to burning to prevent their loss and keep the WizISO installed on your system, as you might need it again in the future.


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