How to Fix SD Card Reader Not Working in Windows 10?

SD card not read

Although Windows 10 has been launched with extraordinary and skillful choices of tools and features, yet it is reportedly creating a lot of issues as experienced by the users. One such new issue is that of SD card reader not working especially after your system’s update to Windows 10 OS

You insert your SD card, and it simply says “SD card not recognized”. Though the scenario is quite common, rather nerve-wracking but it should not be overlooked, as the inability to run the SD card may extend to other system peripherals in time, which in turn could lead to a collateral damage to your computer system.

So the article below would depict you certain ways which could easily help you to resolve this particle issue by specific system changes.

Method #1: Utilized Window 10 Troubleshooter

In this approach, we would put to use the built-in troubleshooting feature to overcome the dreading nightmare of complete system damage here. Quickly follow the step instructions laid out below to perform the task of fixing it:

Step 1. Firstly insert your SD card into the card reader in your computer or laptop.

Step 2. Now open the “Control Panel” and click on “Troubleshooting” link.

Step 3. Next; click on “Configure a device”.

Step 4. Once the pop up box appears, click on “Next” button so that windows 10 can detect device problem.

Step 5. Now windows will start giving you compatible solutions to you and then click on “Apply this fix” option to resolve the issue.

And that’s it!

If the method does not work properly in accordance with the guideline then switch over to the next method.

Method #2: Name the Card Drive Manually and Make It Available

By assigning a certain name to your SD card helps the system to read or recognize quickly. This is one of the workarounds which most of us don’t do it taking it to be a too obvious attempt. But here in this section, it is the most befitting technique to resolve the issue. Carry on with your reading to learn the method steps:

Step 1. Right click on the “Start” menu and select “Disk management” from the context menu.

Step 2. Now check for the hard drive and SD card drive disk on the list shown.

Step 3. Next right click on your SD card option and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths”.

Step 4. Click the “Add” button to add the name.

Step 5. Finally click “Ok” to apply for the change.

Now open up your file explorer and you can smoothly check your SD card data without any difficulty.

But if the issue is still persisting, switch to the next method.

Method #3: Update SD Card Driver with Driver Talent

Driver Talent is one such freeware tool which can easily find the compatible drivers for your SD card which sometimes if done manually prove to be not compatible. Thus the utility simply scans your entire system and informs you the issues, and you can fix the issues by allowing the tool to download the right drivers. Learn the method by step instructions given below:

Step 1. Download the software and install it with proper step instructions into your computer.

Step 2. Run the tool and click on “Scan” button to start the scanning of your entire computer for defects.

Step 3. Once the scanning is completed, all the broken or damaged files and defects will be displayed on the screen.

Step 4. Click the “Update” button and the right drivers will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


The methods mentioned above in the article are very simple to put to use, such that even a novice can do it with utter ease. There is no need of any technical expertise. But in case the methods are still working in your favor you should immediately take your device to the nearest service center for better diagnosis and rectification.

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