iPhone 11: Release Date, Design, New Features, and Price

Here is everything we know so far about the new iPhone 11


Apple iPhone is one of the most desired smartphones out there. Apple releases new iPhone models every year and people line up for days to get their hands on the new iPhones. This year marks the 12th anniversary of the iPhone and we have high hopes for it.

We are now close to the unveiling of the new iPhone 11 and we have heard tons of rumors about Apple’s next-generation iPhone, hinting at the impressive features coming to this year’s devices. With that in mind, we have gathered everything we know so far about Apple 2019 iPhone (iPhone 11).

iPhone 11 Release Date and Pricing

Apple has had a busy year with the launch of new hardware and services. With the fall event, the Cupertino firm wants to focus on new iPhones and Apple Watches. In reality, the September event saw the introduction of 10 major iPhone models in the past, making it the biggest events in Apple Calendar.

Apple did not tell us when this year’s iPhone event takes place, but we expect the keynote to kick off in early September at the Steve Jobs Theater where it will announce three new iPhones.

When it comes to pricing, Apple iPhone has never been cheap and the iPhone 11 is no different. Ming-Chi-Kuo, an analyst known for his accurate predictions when it comes to Apple’s new hardware, says that Apple will stick with the same pricing tiers for this year’s iPhone models, meaning that the iPhone 11 will start at $999 at launch. That makes sense seeing that we are now in the era of $1,000 premium smartphones.

Of course, buying a new iPhone on day one is expensive and is not something we recommend, especially considering how good the cheaper smartphones are getting every day. However, there’s always going to be people with money out there or people who want something premium, so Apple iPhone still has a cult following.

iPhone 11 Design Philosophy

With the iPhone X, Apple moved away from its aluminum design used on older iPhone models in favor of an all-glass body, top-notch, and home button-less design, so we expect to see something new in terms of iPhone design this year.

According to some leaked images we saw on the internet, iPhone 11 will have some design hints from the previous model, but there will be some tweaks made to the design to make it more visually appealing.

iPhone 11 Design

Sources claim that Apple will drop top-notch on its upcoming iPhone 11. In reality, notch design was first adopted on the iPhone X, which received mostly negative reviews from users. The notch on the iPhone XS or XS Max houses the TrueDepth camera sensors that allow Face ID to work like a charm on your device. Rumors say that Apple will move away from notch design this year and adopt a new screen technology.

To be honest, I love the idea of using cutouts on Samsung’s Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. Of course, I don’t expect Apple to copy these camera cutouts on its iPhone, but we’d love to see something creative. Ming-Chi-Kuo says that Apple might use a smaller notch that can be customized with funny wallpapers.

New Features on iPhone 11

Two-way Wireless Charging

Apple first integrated wireless charging on its 2017 iPhone lineup. However, that’s the one-way wireless charging capability, meaning that you cannot recharge other devices using your phone like you can on some of Samsung devices.

Rumors say that the iPhone 11 will feature two-way wireless charging at launch. In reality, this is not something new as it has been available on various Android devices like Galaxy S10/S10 Plus and Note 10/Note 10 Plus. That means you will be able to wirelessly charge your headphones using your iPhone.

In-display Fingerprint Scanner

Last year, Apple gave up on its plan to use an in-display fingerprint reader on its iPhone due to supply issues. A recent source states that this year’s iPhone will feature a fingerprint reader that works under the display. However, the scanner will be exclusive to the iPhone 11 Max at launch.

An under-display reader is now becoming more popular, with Samsung recently joining the club. So, Apple does not want to get left behind.

Apple Pencil Support

Apple Pencil was once an iPad Pro exclusive, but Apple has a driving reason to bring it to its iPhone lineup. That seems plausible seeing how Apple added Apple Pencil support to its standard iPad last year. Tech experts say that Apple Pencil support may be one of the selling-points of the 2019 iPhone, but Apple still has a lot of work to make it possible.

Power Charger Included In the Box

All iPhones come with a power brick in the box, but it is a slow charger, which is a little bit disappointing. A modern iPhone now supports wireless charging, so it is ironic that Apple is now giving you a power brick which is not capable of any style of quick charge. In reality, you will need to spend extra money if you want to charge your phone quickly like you can on various Android phones out there.

Faster Face ID

Face ID is an advanced security measure that lets you unlock your iPhone with a glance. With the release of iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple released the 2nd-gen Face ID, allowing for a faster unlock speed.

At 2019 WWDC, Apple said that Face ID unlock in iOS 13 is 30% faster than in iOS 12. During our test, Face ID is slightly faster in the iOS 13 beta. Sources say that the iPhone 11 will use the third-generation Face ID at launch, allowing for up to 50% faster unlock speed.

Wrapping Up

iPhone 11 Preview

Announcement and Release Date September 10th and October
Design Same design language but no notch and a triple-camera setup on the back
Wireless ChargingTwo-way wireless charging
Face ID 50% faster
Apple Pencil Apple Pencil support
Fingerprint reader An in-display scanner
Price Start at $999

The iPhone 11 is just around the corner and we are expecting to see a lot of cool things coming to this year’s iPhone. The release of 2019 iPhones will put Apple in contention with Samsung as the South Korean announced the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus earlier this month.


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