How to Fix iTunes Asking for Backup Password That You Never Set


You have just switched to a new iPhone and remembered backing up on old iPhone through iTunes. You go through all the process to set up the new phone and restore data from an iTunes backup. But you are asked to provide the password  to unlock the iTunes backup that you never set the password on. Here is a guide to help you recover iTunes backup password.

iTunes is a great software that allows you to encrypt or decrypt  iPhone backup when you come to synchronizing iOS device. For security purposes, the backup is often protected by a password. However, in case you forget  iTunes backup password, it can not be unlocked with an incorrect password. In such case, you can not restore  data from an encrypted backup and you might lose all files if you are not able to recover the password.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get back your forgotten iTunes backup passwords using a computer. Let’s take a detailed look for options you can choose from.

Method 1: Hashcat Free iTunes Password Cracker

The first way coming into my mind to gain success in removing iTunes backup password is Hashcat, one of the best free iTunes backup recovery software. However, this tool only supports removing iTunes backup password that was previously encrypted. You can also use Hashcat tool to change your backup password.

Hashcat is currently one of the best password recovery tools, including iTunes backup password removal. This utility supports all popular systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux which can eliminate the password of iTunes backup.

Simply click on the given hyperlink and download the latest version of Hashcat on your computer. After that, extract the zip file into your preferred folder. You can use WinRAR to extract the zip file. But, make sure the file patch is intact. 


Here is how to use Hashcat to remove your iTunes backup password.

Step 1: Open the Manifest.plist file and then take out BackupKeyBag. A Perl script is necessary to open the script and sump the hashes:

If the backup is of lower iOS 10.2 version, it should be: $itunes_backup$*9*<WPKY>*<ITER>*<SALT>** 

If the backup is of iOS 10.2 and higher, it is: $itunes_backup$*<ver>*<WPKY>*<ITER>*<SALT>*<DPIC>*<DPSL> 

Step 2: Open Hashcat, and then run the code below:

> hashcat64 -m 14700 -a 3 “$itunes_backup$*9*c1212e8754a1db6dfddc4fc6a386795eda88c18b865742e6fbd961b13e3229efda50dc0b69bdfc2e*10000*2b06ba3c6281ce101a0bd0249c1203cc9c8da1a8**”

After that, you can view the backup password in the following format:


However, before get started with Hashcat, you should have some knowledge with Linux. If you feel it complicated, just move on to the next method, which is more effective in recovering your iTunes backup password.

Method 2: iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery

The second method which is more effective in removing backup password is to use iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery software. This tool is designed to help iPhone users to recover the password of their iTunes backup on their Windows or Mac computer. While there is multiple software out there that offer to crack iTunes backup password, iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery is still one of the best . With this tool, getting rid of backup password can be done in a few seconds by two most powerful password attack utilities.

recover iTunes backup password with iSeePassword

  • Brute-Force Attack: This option includes several combinations in a special range. It will take advantage of a word combination and specific characters to get back your backup password.
  • Mask Attack: This kind of attack is suitable for those who remember their back up password partially. It will analyze all character combinations as much as possible, including words, characters, numbers. This will help you cut down the time to recover the password of your iTunes backup.

Step 1: Install Software and Run it on a Computer

First, you need to download the software from iSeePassword official website. The installation is pretty simple, which is similar to other software. Launch the program when the installation is done.

Step 2: Select iTunes Backup to Recover Password

In the iSeePassword interface, just click on Import at the bottom corner of the software to load your backup file. Next, click on OK to confirm selecting the backup. If the backup is not in the list, click on the “Add File” button and choose the location the backup is stored.

Password Recovery Attack Type in iSeePassword

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Attack Mode

In the next screen, you will see password recovery options.

If you can remember a few characters of your iTunes backup password, you should choose Mask Attack mode to speed up the recovery process. Otherwise, you’d better choose Smart Attack as the first priority. Just select your preferable mode.

If you select Brute-force Attack or Mask Attack mode for scanning backup password, the tool will try to collect all the possible character combinations. With this attack mode, you need to set the ‘length’ as well as the character ranger options. The more accurate info you remember, the faster process will be completed.

attack settings

Aside from 4 attack modes, there are some additional features, supporting multi-core CPU, which can calculate late the process of password recovery more efficiently. 

Step 4: Start Password Recovery Process of  iTunes Backup

After checking overall sections, just click on the Start button to begin the password recovery process. You can get back iTunes password in a few minutes or longer, depending on the complexity of the password.

Password Recovered by iSeePassword

After you have successfully recovered your backup password, there will be a Dialog box containing the password showing up on the screen. Simply click the “Copy” button on the top and then paste it into a notepad.


There are a few ways to get back  iTunes password recovery, but if you are still unable to recover your forgotten iTunes backup password, you should not worry. If the first solution did not help you, you can try iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery software. It has a trial version and you can determine whether it’s the perfect solution after trying it.


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