Offline NT Password & Registry Editor Not Working, What’s the Best Alternative?

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Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is short for NTPassword, which is one such fine Windows password resetting tool which has served countless users across the internet all throughout the years. But since it is a completely text based software, it is a bit inconvenient for beginners to put it to use suddenly. Due to few more such cons and inconvenience, the number of users has relatively decreased in the recent years.

Now if you have been an avid user of NTPassword and decides to switch over to some other helping third-party tool, then this article is the best platter for your technical appetite. There are several freeware tools available on the internet to reset your Windows 10 password, but we have traced out the best options to rely on out of the haystack of confusions.

Alternative #1: OphCrack Tool

Ophcrack is a very old yet very effective Windows Password recovery tool. It actually recovers the forgotten password instead of resetting it like other third-party tools. Thus you need not memorize a new password, rather get ready to recover the old forgotten password again. 

Ophcrack Live CD

Step 1. Download the OphCrack program file from the official website and burn the ISO files into a bootable CD/DVD or USB using a working computer.

Step 2. Plug in the reset disk into the locked computer and boot from it by changing the boot order.

Step 3. Now; after the software is loaded into the tool’s main frame screen, click on “OphCrack Graphic Mode-Automatic” option and hit “Enter”.

reset password with ophcrack

Step 4. The tool generally implements Brute-force attack and it takes several hours to crack the password, so the user needs to be very much patient.

Step 5. After the password is recovered, the cracked password will be displayed on the screen in the following manner:


  • It is really an outdated password recovery tool and takes a lot of time to recover the password.
  • It can crack passwords containing up to 8 characters.
  • It does not work with Windows 8 and 10 OS.

 Alternative #2: PassFolk SaverWin (Free)

PassFolk SaverWin (Free) software becomes the first choice of every user once the user uses it. By such an introduction, you can clearly apprehend the extensive level of facilities the tool provides. The tool is totally free and easy to use, it can easily bypass the login screen by manipulating SAM file and thus the user doesn’t need to recover it and no data lost.  All you need to is make a bootable reset disk with SaverWin and insert it to your locked PC. The program will detect all system and users which stored in SAM file. Then read it and modify it without removing. This ensures that your system, data and file still remain in the computer. No need to re-install and no data lost.

Key Features of SaverWin (Free)

  • It can reset user, admin and server password  for Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • It also works for Windows Server OS, 2000/ 2003/ 2012/ 2016/ NT.
  • It supports newly introduced UEFI based systems also.
  • It can create bootable disk with both CD/DVD and USB drive.

download button

Usage Manual:

Step 1. Firstly download the the program and install it on an accessible computer.

Step 2. Burn the ISO files to create a bootable disk by inserting a CD/DVD or USB stick into the computer and then clicking on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” buttons depending upon the type of disk you have inserted.

saverwin free

Step 3. Eject the disk and re-insert it int the locked computer and enter the BIOS utility settings to make the inserted disk as the priority device. As a result the ISO files would get loaded into the computer.

set boot order

Step 4. Now, reboot it. Wait, until the SaverWin software is loaded automatically and from there you will only have to select the OS that you are using like Windows 10 and choose the main account username and click on “Reset Password”.

reset password

The system will be restarted all of its own accord but you won’t be prompted this time to enter any password since the feature has been bypassed already by the tool.

download button

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Alternative #2: Trinity Rescue Kit Tool

TRK or Trinity Rescue Kit is a remarkable password recovery tool which can actually help you to gain access to your locked account. The mechanism is quite simple as it bypasses the login screen. All that you need to have is a separate working computer to create a bootable disk. Follow the steps outline below to know the method in full scale:

Step 1. Download the TRK setup file from internet and burn the ISO files into the bootable disk, CD/DVD or USB.

Step 2. Plug the loaded bootable disk into the computer with locked account and boot using the reset disk. A new TRK menu will turn up on the display screen and it would somewhat look like this:

Trinity Rescue Kit

Step 3. Choose the “Windows Password Resetting” option from the list of options listed on the screen and hit “Enter” to continue.

Step 4. Now click on “Winpass prompt for username first” option from the screen and input the user account name which is recently locked.

Trinity Rescue Kit

Step 5. The software will automatically retrieve the OS details. press ‘1’ to crack the password feature from the computer.

And that’s it! Restart your computer and it would not ask your password this time.


  • It only works with local accounts.
  • It does not work with Windows 64-bit versions.


If you have read the methods and their instructions thoroughly, then you could have deciphered by now the first two tools mentioned are not fully reliable for long term use. Moreover they have got a lot of downsides. Only PassFolk SaverWin tool is the best option without any cons to heed.


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