3 Ways to Reset Forgotten Login Password on Windows 7

forgot windows 7 login password

Unlocking a computer might sound to be a disputable act in time of regards, but in time of urgency unlocking a computer is the only viable solution to access it especially when you forget the password of your own Windows 7 computer. Now the question is why you would go that far to reset a computer, well the answer is quite simple, when it is your very own computer and you are purely locked out of it losing the admin password.

This is a very uncanny situation but if you don’t do it right away, you won’t be able to open any of your confidential data files and it will turn out to be complete catastrophe with time. Thus the article below will show you 5 ways which can safely and securely help you to reset your locked Windows 7 password and you will regain your authority back as the administrator.

Method #1: Reset Windows 7 Login Password with Trinity Rescue Kit

TRK is another Windows password resetting tool that has been developed for education purpose. It is a very complicated tool that uses text-based simulated commands. But nevertheless, regardless of all the odds, it performance has never been down in the last few years. In order to know the tool’s usage, read carefully the guideline steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Get your software downloaded from internet and install the setup file from it with accurate precision to avoid any mishap.

Step 2. Plug your loaded bootable disk into the computer with your locked admin account and a new TRK menu would emerge up like the one shown in the following screenshot:

Trinity Rescue Kit

Step 3. Select the “Windows Password Resetting” option form the list of options available and press “Enter” to continue.

Step 4. Now; press up and down arrows to select “Winpass prompts for username first” and provide all your account details like your user profile name which is recently locked.

Step 5. The program will fetch the operating system details all of its own accord. Simply press “1” key to remove the password feature from your computer. So it is done once and for all. Reboot your system now and it wouldn’t ask for the password anymore.


Method #2: Reset Windows 7 Password with SaverWin (Free)

Now, you don’t need to go through all the puny and silly attempts to reset your computer. PassFolk SaverWin (Free) is such a marvelous password recovery tool, which not only resets your password without any re-installation of the Window’s OS, but bypasses the password protection so that you don’t need to enter any password anymore.  It could automatically locate the SAM file which stored the all accounts and password information. Then accurately analyze the SAM file and reset the selected account to blank. With this overview of how the program works, let’s begin at the beginning with the declarations section.

download button

PassFolk Overview: 

  • It resets passwords for mostly all the Windows servers, 2000/ 2003/ 2008/ 2018.
  • It is compatible with all the latest Windows OS such as XP/ 7/ 8/10.
  • It works on UEFI, BIOS boot, DSI legacy mode.
  • It is compatible for all the hard drives.
  • It is absolutely FREE!

Here in this method we would create a bookable disk using a pen drive or CD/DVD with at least 512 MB capacity. A separate computer would be needed to propagate the method.

Step 1. Create A Bootable Disk

Download and install the program file into a separate computer. Run the program with admin privileges, and insert the pen drive into the computer. When the main interface of the software appears, select the “USB or CD/DVD” mode. Click on “Burn USB” option.

saverwin free

When the burning is completed, you will get a notification “Burning successfully’.

Step 2. Choosing The Boot Priority (USB or DVD/CD)

Unplug the created reset disk and re-insert it into the locked computer. Enter the “Boot Device Priority” menu by tapping the selective keys of your computer. From the BIOS menu, select “USB or CD/DVD drive” option to load the program into the locked computer.

set boot order

Step 3. Reset The Locked Account

Choose the account that you want to unlock from the list of admin accounts listed in the utility screen. Click on “Reset password” and then “Reboot” button one after another. The system would restart and this time it would not show you the password inquiry in the log-in screen like before.

reset password

So, you get access without entering any password, which means it has been bypassed cunningly by the tool by manipulating certain SAM files in your system. And you are done!

download button

Method 3. Reset Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt

One of the best way to reset Windows 7 password is by using the old powerful command prompt app. Surely, it could be a little complicated considering it is a text-based emulator and you must execute a series of appropriate commands to remove your Windows 7 password. But with the right process, you should face no problem at all.

Step 1. Simply turn off the power of your computer and wait for few seconds. Then turn it back on.

Step 2. When your computer tries to turn on it should give you a Windows error recovery with the following 2 options: “Launch Startup Repair” and “Start Windows Normally”. Choose the first one and press Enter.

launch Startup Repair

Next, when the Windows cannot repair your computer automatically, it will show the following error, just select “View Problem Details”.

Step 3. After expanding the problem details, you should be able see a file. Just click on “Open” and find the “sethc” file.

Now, rename this file into “sethc-copy” so that you can have a backup of this file then cancel the process and hit finish to reboot the computer.

Step 4. When the log-in screen appears, just press the “Shift” button on your computer 5 times to open command prompt Window.

Then, type in the below command sentence to reset administrator password –

“net user administrator mynewpass”

type password with CMD

Replace “mynewpass” with a password that you can remember and replace “Administrator” to the local admin username that you are using. Now, you should be able to use the newly setup password to regain access in Windows 7 computer. 


It is a conclusive proof from the method mentioned above that the tool actually works with 100% password resetting guarantee. No matter how complex the password combination is, PassFolk SaverWin would not settle down until the password is bypassed and the user gets the smooth access to his device. Make sure to make the password less complex to reduce the possibility of the same trouble again. In any case, PassFolk would be there to unlock it whenever you need it.


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