How to Reset Toshiba Laptop Login Password without Losing Data

reset toshiba laptop password

Forgot Toshiba laptop password? Exasperated and annoyed? Want to learn how to reset the laptop password? Well, you are not the first person on this planet who has forgotten the computer/laptop password. This happens to people all the time especially when you have tons of online accounts.

Thankfully Toshiba laptops does come with a security option to connect yourself with the Toshiba service center where you can provide the scanning code to them and they can reset the password for you. Moreover, there are other ways to reset the laptop password as well which we are going to discuss in this guide. Please remember to calm down and follow the instructions given in this article to regain access to the laptop again.

Method#1: Call the Toshiba Service Center.

Like we said, if you are connected with the main domain user of Toshiba laptops center then you can make a phone call to the service center and get your computer unlocked. Remember, you must connect to their server before you have forgotten the password or else it won’t work. Secondly, it only works for domain users and not with local accounts or Microsoft accounts.

  • Step 1. Call 1-800-4199-733 from your cell phone and go through the automated voice scripts and get connected to customer support staff.
  • Step 2. Explain the situation to them and they will ask you to provide the serial or IMEI number of the laptop that you could find on the bill of the laptop.
  • Step 3. Tell the computer user name and ID and within few minutes they should unlock the computer online.

Note: This could take several hours or even days to verify your laptop and get it unlocked. So kindly be patient and go through the process normally.

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Method#2: Reset Toshiba Laptop Password with Ophcrack

If you have used a simple password to protect the computer then Ophcrack can recover it quickly. It is a password recovery tool that helped countless people in arduous times. It only works with Windows 32 bit versions and doesn’t work with Windows 10 at all. It’s a pretty straight-forward program that can be used by following the certain set of instructions –

reset Toshiba password with ophcrack

  • Step 1. Download the ISO image file of Ophcrack from the main website and burn it with any ISO burner.
  • Step 2. Once the bootable disc is ready, insert it on the Toshiba laptop and turn it on.
  • Step 3. Ophcrack menu will appear on the display screen, hit Enter on the first option that says “Ophcrack Graphic Mode – Automatic”.
  • Step 4. Ophcrack should start running and will deeply scan for the password into the logon registry files. If the password is simple then Ophcrack can find it within few minutes and if it’s tough then it may take several hours. Copy the password and enter it again on the login screen to unlock the laptop.


Method#3: Reset Toshiba Laptop Password with SaverWin

Ophcrack is really unreliable because all the latest Toshiba laptops use Windows 10 as their default operating system. In that case, we will use a Windows Password Resetting Program like PassFolk SaverWin to unlock the laptop. SaverWin is a free and brilliant password resetting program that allows you to create a password reset disc with a flash drive or compact disc that can be used to remove the password from the Toshiba laptop. It definitely works with Windows 10 and with every Windows 64 bit versions and UEFI BIOS as well. The captivating part about this program is that it cracks any account password on Windows without losing any data.

download button

What’s more is that it not only works with Windows Toshiba laptop but it works with HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Chromebooks, etc. brands flawlessly. It is a creative software that works very brilliantly and gets the job done as quickly as possible.

See How Does SaverWin Works?

Step 1. It is essential to have a working computer or laptop to download and install the SaverWin program.

saverwin free

Step 2. Once you have installed the software, you must have a USB flash drive or DVD to make the password resetting disc.  Insert your USB or DVD/CD to computer and open the software then click the Burn CD/DVD or USB option to write the ISO image file into the removable disk.

reset hp laptop password

Step 3. Now, insert USB drive on the Toshiba laptop then and set the windows boot from USB or DVD in the BIOS.  You can repeatedly press the Del, or F2, F8 key to enter the  BIOS and change the USB or DVD as the first booting order, then save and reboot. 

set boot order

Step 4. SaverWin should launch on the startup screen. From here, you can choose which account you want to reset, then click “Reset Password” button to unlock the Toshiba laptop. Now reboot your computer and login your Windows without password prompting. 

reset password

Did you see how painless this program is? It works very rapidly and almost unlock the computer instantly.

download button

Conclusion –

Ophcrack can be used for cracking short and simple passwords which destitute enough for the program to work. However, SaverWin can reset Windows passwords in any condition. It even works with Microsoft and domain/root user profiles. We recommend keep a copy of this file into a flash drive so that you can reset the computer password whenever you forget it.

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