3 Ways to Unlock A Password-Protected Word Document 2007/2010/2013/2016


It is not until you deal with bulk of data and written articles, that you will understand the importance MS word and its respective created Word documents. Word file or documents, unlike every other file formats, can store images, texts, hyperlinks, pie charts, formulas, and many more things. Thus it is of paramount importance to someone who deals with word documents on a daily basis. During such daily accounts, users need to password protect it in order to secure it from unknown threats. But if you are given the password protected word document to work on without the password information, at that time you seriously need to scratch your head out of it.

So you don’t know the password, and you don’t know how to unlock it either, right? Even if it seems hopeless, it is not. We are providing the help at your desk by demonstrating two wonderful tactics which can unlock password-protected Word file in the blink of an eye. 

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Part #1: Open Password-protected Word File using Word Password Recovery Master

Word Password Recovery Master is one of the fantastic word password recovery utility which can be the best option to heed in time of extremities. It can crack the word document password, add a password to the word file, modify it, and can deal also with VBA codes in the word documents. The use of this tool is not that difficult, rather only one to two steps ahead to recover your password. Read the steps underneath to know how it works in real:

word password recovery master

  • Step 1. Download the software directly from the internet as it is available free of cost and install it on your computer, the one which contains the password protected word document.
  • Step 2. Now open it with admin rights, and just by judging the tool’s interface, you will know the tool is extremely easy to use.
  • Step 3. Click on the “Open” button and browse the pathway of the password protected document to load it onto the tool’s screen. Once the document is loaded onto, you will get to see a lock icon next to the pathway description, which clearly indicates that the document is password protected.
  • Step 4. Now click on “Crack” option below and the recovery process will begin in a moment. The time it takes depends upon the complexity of your password, so you need to be patient if it is taking more than the time you expected.
  • Step 5. Once the password is cracked, you can click on “Copy” option to relocate the password to a safer location, or you can right away open the document using the cracked password.


  • At times it fails to decrypt passwords which are lengthy.
  • It does not support other file formats, like excel, PDF, Outlook, etc.


Part #2: Unlock Word Password using Password Recovery Bundle

The first method will surely oblige you with the cracked password, but if it is about complicated password, you need something extravagant. Now Password Recovery Bundle has got such capabilities under its hood, It provides 4 attack types including  Brute Force Attack; Dictionary Attack; Brute Force with Mask Attack.  And support CPUs and GPUs acceleration, which give you a chance to open password-protected word within a short time. Once you install it on your system, you need not worry about which file format you wish to unlock, for it unlocks all types of files, be it Word, Outlook, Excel, etc. But here in this section, we would constrain out limit of discussion only up to word documents only.

Step 1. Download and install the software on the computer or laptop which stores the target file with accurate step instruction to avoid any further technical glitches.

Step 2. Click on the tool’s icon from the desktop to open it. From the main tool’s UI click on the option that reads “Recover Passwords for files and Archives” out of the list of three options.

password recovery bundle for excelStep 4. After the next page ensues, click on “Open” button to specify the file pathway and it will be loaded onto the tool’s UI.

recover excel password

Step 5. When the file is loaded successfully, select any password cracking attack types. Try to prefer Brute Force attack. Dictionary attack or Mask attack is only preferable when you know even a little piece of information of your forgotten password.

choose type attack

Step 6. After the attack type selection, fill all the parameters concerning the brute force attack and click on “Start” button to commence the recovery procedure.

remove password from word

Step 7. Wait for a while or you can do something else in the meantime. Once the procedure is finished, you can either click on “copy” button to copy the cracked password, or you can directly open the word document as per your choice.

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Part #3: Unlock Password Protected Word Document with GuaWord

GuaWord uses the command-line technology to operate. Just click on any document and drag it into the GuaWord application. It is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Windows version including Windows 7/Vista/XP. Unfortunately, Windows 8 and Windows is not supported.  GuaWord guarantees that it could decode Word document password considering the length and strength of the password is weak. It is free to try so no harm to use it.


GuaWord is however uses a different algorithm than Brute-Force or Dictionary attack because it can actually remove the password instead of keep trying thousands of combinations of letters and digits. Due to its password removal nature, GuaWord could take days, weeks and may be even more than 10 days on a super fast computer to crack the password. That’s correct – 10 FREAKING DAYS!

Disclaimer: The owner of this program has warned that the free version of this tool is dangerous and rather unsafe to use it. This literally means that if anything goes wrong then the file could be severely damaged beyond repair. Just to keep in safe side, first backup the word file then use GuaWord to remove the password.

Words in the End

As a piece of conclusion, it should be notified that after you get back your cracked password, make sure to securely store it somewhere, so that you don’t lose it again. Or at least you can keep the Password Recovery Bundle installed on your computer, lest you lose it again, and fall under the need to crack it once more. The information that you gather here about this wonderful tool Password Recovery Bundle has surely given you an idea of its indispensible capabilities, but in order to fathom it in real, try it yourself.


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