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It not only protects the data but it completely hides them so that no one can even have a glance on those data.

Hide File or Folder

It can hide numerous types of files like pictures, videos, important documents, files and so on.

Disguise Folder

Disguise your private folder as another system icon like recycle bin or other icon you can set.


Folder Locker cannot be uninstalled unless and until the right password is entered that you have set to protect the important files and folders.

Encrypt Folder/Files with Military Algorithm

Encrypt Folder/Files with Military Algorithm

PassFolk Folder Locker is a free encryption program that helps to maintain the security of your private data by protecting them with a secure password of your choice. This is a perfect way to keep your files away intruders or anyone else who should stay away from these files and data. PassFolk Folder Locker helps to encrypt your data with strong 256-bit encryption password so that no one will know the file exist in this world.

Encrypt Your Data with Hidden

You can safely hide and lock the private folders with a secure password. Any folder that the owner choose to hide can be accessed only by that person who can open the private folder manually without un-hiding it by using a configuration tool. The locked folders can be opened only from the Private Folder configuration tool or else it cannot be opened by any unknown users.

Encrypt Your Data with Hidden
Disguise Your File and Folder

Disguise Your File and Folder

There's folder disguise option in the program that will produce a robust protection system which will make the folder completely disappear and disguise. If you manage to find the file in this mode then it will show another icon like recycle bin, Network Neighborhood or other.

From Our Customers

  • “PassFolk Folder Locker is indeed the best folder and file locking software I have ever used. I can definitely rely on this software when it comes to maintain the privacy of my files and folders. It can password-protect all the important documents I have and it even gives the option to hide them from the world. Very efficient and reliable tool.”

    “I use a shared computer and my siblings always used to open my salient project files. I was very irritated but after I got PassFolk Locker, I never had to worry about that anymore. My siblings can’t even find my files anywhere because I hide them with PassFolk Locker. It’s definitely a must have tool who cares for their data privacy.”

    Brandon Amaya
  • “If you are looking for a program that could hide and protect your personal data like photos, videos, files and folders then you must give PassFolk Locker a try. Very effective tool that could securely lock and hide the data that you want others not to access. Very good job by the devs.”

    -Amalia Watson

    “I must say that the support staff is very kind and helpful. They helped to install and showed me how to password-protect my excel sheets. I definitely needed this tool to protect the spreadsheets from others as they have my accounting information. I will definitely recommend this program to everyone.”

    -Jon Coleman
  • “I am very impressed how this little program could be so strong. Guys, you can never compromise the privacy of your private data and thus, everyone should protect their personal information from the world. PassFolk Locker does exactly that and helps to protect the files with a secure password. I will surely keep this tool with me forever. Highly Recommended!”

    -Calvin Lai

    “ First of all, I wish to thank the software developers for making this program for us. Everyone should have this program in this era especially where hacking is very common. PassFolk Locker smartly hides my folders and data securely and fools everyone thinking my files are damaged. But in reality, all my files are secured by the program. Thumbs up! *****5 Stars*****


Lock Your USB Drive



Lock Your USB Drive, SD Card , DVD

This PassFolk Free Folder Locker software can protect the data from other devices as well like USB/CD Drives, SD cards as well as networks servers. It will only allow a user to access the files when the correct password is entered which means even brute-force attack won’t be able to crack the password at all.

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